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    Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
    for Home Health Care and Home Care Industries
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    EVV Data Access
    Real-Time Logging and Access To Visit Information
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    Leading Edge Technology
    All Secure Data and Administration Apps Utilize Microsoft Azure Cloud Technology

AccurateID Logo Cost conscious and user-friendly

AccurateID is a mobile technology that can certify eligibility for benefits at the point of service in real time and/or track the visit activities of delivery of services in outpatient settings through its Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) features.

Why AccurateID?

Utilizing Mobile Devices and Cloud Application & Storage Technology for a more Efficient and Fiscally Responsible Medicaid Program

Most states face growing budget gaps now and in the next several years. A chief source of pressure on State budgets is the growth in joint federal-state Medicaid costs for lower income citizens. Medicaid spending can represent a quarter to a third of a state’s budget, with up to an estimated 40% fraudulent claim rate, representing billions of wasted tax dollars annually. Timely correct Eligibility and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) information is essential to the first level of defense in preventing fraudulent claims, in delivering competent health care and being responsible with tax dollars.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

The system monitors the location, timing and on-site delivery of home care, ensuring timely services and support for clients, streamlining the process and greatly reducing human error


Real-Time Data Access

Scanning the ID Card combined with the GPS transmission of a smart phone would provide the appropriate agency with the exact time and location of the service in real time, direct and free of intervention


State Of The Art Technology

Microsoft Azure provides for multi-factor authentication, encrypted data storage and transfer and conformance to all major compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, FERPA, SOC1 & 2.